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Network config problem: waaaaaaaaay slow internet speeds

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СообщениеДобавлено: Чт Апр 26, 2018 11:16 am    Заголовок сообщения: Network config problem: waaaaaaaaay slow internet speeds Ответить с цитатой


I just took over managing IT for my church, and boy is it a mess. We haven't had a dedicated in-house IT person in several years, so everything that's been done has been by various vendors popping in to sell us their "solutions"..Anyway, long story short: something in our network or its configuration is throttling our download speed. We pay for 35x5 service and get 5+ upload, but our download speeds vary from 0.61-7.43. (EDIT: it's the exact same situation on the wi-fi.) It's something with our network because I tested at the modem and easily got 35+. Problem is, while I have enough experience with routers in general, it's all been via http interface, and it's all been non-Cisco gear. The vendor who set up our network equipment felt that turning off the http interface made it more secure, so even though I'm a DOS kid, I don't know IOS and so am pretty lost as to where to start. Cisco's website contains so much help that, for a n00b, it's practically no help at all.
Our physical setup is a Cisco 881 router feeding a pair of VLANs, one being private (wired) and the other pumping a set of Cisco access points for public (but still WPA/PSK secured) wi-fi. The wired network is fed through a 2960G-series switch, while the other runs through a Unicom SmartSwitch 2401. Connecting to the wired network provides gigabit service, at least according to the workstations. We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 workstations of various platforms that are connected to the wired network on an average day.

I've figured out enough to be able to show the configuration on the 881 via command line. The internet connection runs through Fast Ethernet #4, which shows as running 100 full duplex. The VLAN connections don't give a speed so I'm not sure what they're actually running at through the router, though each one is connected via Fast Ethernet ports (0 for wired, 1 for wi-fi).Obviously I need to know where to start looking and what I should try tweaking. How much of the configuration should I post to help debug? What else can I do to try to diagnose whether there's a weak point somewhere or if something is clogging up the network itself? (Along those lines, I should mention that our primary server, a Win2k3 setup running apparently every Windows Server service known to mankind, was configured so that every workstation's user folders mapped to the server instead of the desktop. So probably a lot of traffic there.Any tips or advice you all can offer is greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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