70 Unique Literary Analysis Topics for Teachers


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: 14, 2021 9:16 am     : 70 Unique Literary Analysis Topics for Teachers

As a teacher, you are responsible to adopt different learning techniques that can genuinely help students to learn new concepts "essay writer". Great teachers are always ready to pursue diverse teaching methods to make the learning procedure easy for every student.Teachers active role is also crucial when you want to teach your students about essay writing. Do you think about the starting point to teach about essay writing? Well! you undeniably right if you think that it initiates to consider the topic for the essay.

Make it explicit to choose the best topics when you want to assign an assignment on essay writing to your students. You can get guidance in this regard by visiting online essay writing services and check their provided sample work "write my essay". We can also guide you by presenting you with a list of some of the uniqueLiterary Analysis Essay Topicsto get a broad idea. You can assign such kind of unique topics to your students to help them in their journey of essay writing learning.

Below is the list of some of the exceptional literary analysis topics.

Literary Analysis Topics

● Examine the significance of the setting in Jane Eyre
● Mark Twain's approach to considering the element of irony in his stories
● Critically analyze the use of allegory in The Road to Wigan Pier
● Analyze the scene of Ophelias death in hamlet
● Illustrate the importance of the character of Tiny Tim in The Christmas Carol
● Explore and examine the narrative perspective of Bleak House
● Describe the importance of cultural context in any of your selected novel
● Explore and examine the main theme presented in Night by Elie Wiesel
● Use of literary devices in The Wild by Jon Krakauer
● Analysis of The Color Purple by Alice Walker
● Analyze the main theme of Lord of the Flies by William Golding
● How the influence of love depicted by William Goldman in his novel, The Princess Bride?
● Importance of the element of dreams in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
● Critically analyze the element of setting in Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
● Use of feature of allegory in The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
● Presentation of the theme of love in 'Romeo and Juliet'
● Explore and explain the idea of mortality illustrated by William Shakespeare in one of his famous plays
● Critically analyze the literary approach of The Republic by Plato
● How the life events of Henry Miller influence his writing approach?
● Examine the use of mood expressions in Montana by Larry Watson
● How the problem of social injustice presented in Oliver Twist
● What specific setting indicates the element of ethnicity in 'Burmese Days' by Orwell
● Analyze the depiction of the civil western society in Heart of Darkness presented by Joseph Conrad
● How critically the role of women in the 18thcentury explored and described by Jane Austen
● Identify and discuss some of the major problems of the modern society depicted in Fight Club written by Palahniuk
● Examine the depiction of the element of violence in Stephen Cranes poetic work
● Compare and contrast modern and literary works presented during World War I
● How well the theme of wat presented by Homer in his plays?
● Examine the element of conflict in Paradise Lost
● The idea of war presented in A Fable by Faulkner
● Steinbeck's approach to displaying the element of injustice in The Grapes of Wrath
● Explore and analyze the existing difference between the book and the film portrayal of 'Sense and Sensibility'
● The presentation of womens role in the Little Women
● Critically analyze the literary work of Can You Ever Forgive Me
● Presentation of elements of good and bad in A Wrinkle in Time
● Discuss the main themes of jealousy and pride in The Dead
● Explore and examine the main themes of A Farewell to Arms
● The impact of themes of propaganda on the overall plot construction of 1984 by Orwell
● Critically analyze the work of The Godfather
● Examine the factor of race in Waiting for the Barbarians
● Critically analyze the work of Under the Feet of Jesus
● Analyze the main theme of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid
● Bridge of Scarlet Leaves crafted by McMorris
● A literary analysis of 'The Art of Love' by Hong Ying
● Examine the use of literary techniques in When I Lay Dying
● Historical consideration of Dumas famous novels
● How effectively the feature of imagery used by Walt Whitman in his literary work
● Analyze the literary depiction of male and female in Beowulf
● Present character analysis of Rebecca in Vanity Fair
● How the standards of beauty presented in The bluest Eye
● Examine the presentation of death as main theme in Keats poetic work
● Compare and contrast the tragedies of Hamlet Romeo and Juliet
● Describe how well the element of symbols presented by William Wordsworth
● Examine the factor of decay in post-apocalyptic novels
● Feature of monsters in Beowulf
● Critically analyze the approach of setting in case of horror fiction
● Presence of fantasy theme in one of the literary works of your choice
● The portrayal of vampires in modern literature
● Examine the social setting presented in the American literature in the 1960s
● The element of humor in English Literature
● A literary analysis of any of Tolkien's works
● Examine the perspective of setting in Lord of the Rings
● Examine the theme of guilt in The Carpet Letter
● Explore the feature of the spiritual journey in 'Jude the Obscure'
● Analyze the depiction of slavery as a theme in English literature
● Discover and examine the use of literary devices in the poems crafted by Wordsworth
● Character development in The Tin Drum
● The theme of love in A Farewell to Arms
● Explore the sense of evil in The Great Gatsby
● Role of women in Emma
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